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Do you want to join our club?

Our membership fee for the first year is 40 Euro, you will also receive the club T-shirt.
After that, the membership fee is 20 Euro per year. (please deposit this before the end of January on account BE50 0018 5767 7918 , stating your name and Membership fee 2022, and for new members, your e-mail adress and the size for your T-shirt).


During the winter season (beginning of October to the end of March), we provide our members with an Off-road ride every month.

From 2022 there will be two groups for our Offroad rides, one group that will go full speed and a second group that will do approximately the same course, but at a more leisurely pace.

From May to September we organize an Onroad ride every month.

One or more Offroad events/weekends are also planned during the summer season.  

There's always a helping hand to pull you out of the mud, help to repair a flat along the way or give you technical advice.

You get a 5% discount on your purchases at Kedo (via the club).

We only forward the invitations for these great activities to those who are real members.


Whether your machine looks brand new and is 100% in original condition, or whether it is a "stratton" with some donor parts left or right, it makes no difference to us.

With the patsers, the focus is on driving, on having fun with friends. 

Are you in doubt or do you have more questions?

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